Safe & Sound: Fourth Baby is an Extra Special Delivery

While Sarah and Christian Moon of Jackson were already quite familiar with the labor and delivery process at CentraState, welcoming their new baby during the COVID-19 crisis added a new level of uncertainty to the event. Luckily, the birth of their fourth—and last—child was particularly special.

On April 7, Sarah Moon welcomed baby Owen, who joined siblings Emma, 12; Nathan, 3; and Benjamin,

20 months. Leading up to the big event, Sarah worried that concerns over COVID-19 would prevent Christian from being by her side.

“I knew that I was going to need a C-section,” explains Sarah, 30. “I got nervous when I heard that there was a chance that I may have had to go through it alone.”

Addressing COVID-19 Concerns

Before her C-section date, Sarah’s obstetrician, Michael Kirwin, MD, answered the couple’s questions and addressed their concerns about childbirth during such an uncertain time. Once in the hospital, the nursing staff explained the precautions they were taking, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during Sarah’s stay. To protect everyone on the unit, all staff donned the appropriate PPE, and all patients were required to wear masks while staff members were in their rooms.

When Owen was delivered, Christian was able to be right there by Sarah’s side. Shortly after birth while still in the operating room, Owen was placed alongside Sarah and a nurse took photos of the Moons and their new baby—a first for the family. Christian was able to cut the umbilical cord, another new experience for the Moons.

The sex of the baby was a surprise, so Sarah and Christian video chatted with the rest of the family, including big sister Emma and Sarah’s parents in North Carolina, to reveal the exciting news. And, since the number of staff members allowed to enter Sarah’s room was limited to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus, she was able to get some extra sleep instead of being disturbed for the typical “flurry of activity” that accompanies a maternity stay.

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,” says Sarah, an intravenous home infusion nurse. “Everything worked out perfectly. It was a far less stressful experience. This is our last child and the best delivery we’ve had.”

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