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We offer a full range of services to help you achieve optimal health prior to your pregnancy. We can also help you stay healthy or manage a chronic condition during pregnancy, and provide vaccinations you may need along the way. Our classes empower you to be your personal best—before conception, during pregnancy, and after your baby arrives.

In addition to these vaccine options and health programs, we offer an array of maternity classes to help you prepare for childbirth and infant care.

Starting the Path to Healthy


If you smoke, quitting can protect your health and your baby’s health. The moment you quit smoking, you start reaping health benefits that will continue to grow as long as you remain smoke-free. A Time to Quit, our 7-week, evidence-based smoking cessation program, makes it easier. You’ll meet with certified tobacco treatment specialists who will empower you with the tools you need to succeed.

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This proven, behavior-based program takes you on a journey to a healthier weight and a healthier you. With a team of experts and your peers for support, we’ll explore how you can prepare and savor mouthwatering meals and fit more activity into your day—both of which you’ll log and track. You’ll also learn how to manage stress, cope with triggers, and make smarter health choices.



When you’re eating for two, you may have questions about your nutrient intake. Our dietitians can help you sift through the latest nutritional information while providing expert, evidence-based advice. They’ll help you create easy-to-follow eating goals tailored to your unique needs.

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Get in the flow with this ancient Chinese martial art. Tai chi promotes the mind-body connection through breathing, low-impact movement, and heightened awareness. Beneficial throughout pregnancy, tai chi can help reduce stress and increase focus, fitness, flexibility, and balance.

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Help Managing a Chronic Condition


If you have prediabetes, this program can help you reverse it. Learn how to improve nutrition, add physical activity to your life, manage stress, stay motivated, and overcome obstacles that can lead to the development of diabetes.

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Over time, frequent blood sugar highs and lows can cause health complications, such as gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Our nurses and registered dietitians can create a custom management program, including nutritional advice to reduce your risk of complications and help you feel better.

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Work one-on-one with an RN health coach to better control your blood pressure. Receive support and learn management skills like home monitoring, lifestyle changes, and physician communication.

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If you have a chronic disease, our experts can help with management strategies and enhanced wellbeing. Learn how to improve nutrition, safely increase physical activity, stay sharp, handle emotional ups and downs, relieve stress, solve problems, make decisions, and create weekly action plans. This program is very beneficial for prenatal health as well.

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Protect Yourself and Baby


If you have gestational diabetes, diabetes educators at our Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center can help ensure you have a smooth pregnancy. After a diagnosis from your doctor, you may have a lot of questions. Our goal is to keep you and your baby safe by providing the additional care you may need to enjoy this special time. Your educator will provide you with an individualized meal plan and teach you how and when to test your blood sugar during a two-hour appointment. We encourage you to take advantage of a free follow-up appointment after your baby’s delivery to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes..

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Tdap Vaccines

The Tdap vaccine is recommended for pregnant women, family members between ages 11 and 64, and caregivers of infants up to 12 months of age. This vaccine protects against whooping cough (also known as pertussis), an acute infectious disease that is highly contagious and remains endemic in the United States. Because new babies don’t get vaccinated until they are two months old, we recommend you avoid this gap by getting the Tdap vaccine during weeks 27 to 36 of your pregnancy. Receiving the vaccine before birth is the best way for babies to build up antibodies and be protected during their first year of life.

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If you are pregnant, protect yourself and your baby by getting a flu shot prior to flu season—which is typically November through March, with peaks in January and February. Getting the flu vaccine will pass the immunity on to your baby while still in the womb. We offer flu shots to those ages 4 and older, and we encourage family members who will be interacting with your newborn to get a flu shot as well.

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