6 Things To Do Before You Go Into Labor

When the big day arrives you want to make sure you’re prepared and have done everything you can to ensure a safe, healthy BIRTH day for you and your baby. Here are six key things you want to have done before you go into labor.

1. Optimize Your Health

Before and during your pregnancy, it’s vital for you to be healthy—body and mind. Now is the time to manage chronic health conditions. Whether it’s quitting smoking, managing your weight, booking a nutrition consultation, or tackling stress with a mindful-movement class, it’s the best thing you can do for you and your baby. CentraState Medical Center offers vaccine and chronic condition management options to help you stay healthy. You can also checkout and sign up for health & wellness programs.

2. Take a Childbirth and Baby Care Class

We know you’ve got a ton of questions about what to expect when you’re expecting and that you want to be prepared before your baby arrives. CentraState has an array of childbirth and childcare classes for pregnant and new moms and their spouse or support person.

3. Download a Pregnancy App

From the beginning of your pregnancy up until labor CentraState’s free GLOW Pregnancy Tracker app lets you track your baby’s development with amazing, 3D graphics and a personalized timeline. You’ll also get weekly info about you and your baby, appointment reminders, weight tracker, kick counter and more. This app really delivers! Download now.

4. Take a Maternity Tour

When you go into labor and have to head to the hospital, you’re going to be excited—and probably a little anxious—so you’ll want to be prepared. Scheduling an in person maternity tour will ease some of that anxiety. You’ll meet the maternity team, get to see the rooms where you will deliver and recover, and learn about the amenities. When you go for a visit beforehand, you’ll know what to bring, how to get there, where to park, and how to get to the maternity center.

5. Choose a Pediatrician

It’s a good idea to start looking for pediatricians around the 2nd trimester. Your pediatrician is a critical part of your baby’s healthcare team. Make sure you’ve chosen one ahead of time. Once your baby is born, you’re going to be busy caring for baby and probably a bit tired (late night feedings). Need recommendations? We can help you find a pediatrician that’s close by and the right fit for you and your baby.

6. Create a Birth Plan

Giving birth is a momentous, magical, and personal event. To make sure that the experience is everything you hoped for, create a birth plan and discuss your wishes with your doctor ahead of time. Your birth plan may include who you want with you during delivery, whether or not you want pain medications, and what type of supportive techniques you want during labor—from aromatherapy to a whirlpool tub.

Remember, preparation is key to a smooth, healthy delivery.

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