What to Pack for the Hospital

For mom:

• Insurance cards and any other healthcare information
• Birth plan if developed
• A list of any medications you are taking
• Toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, lotion, hair dryer, etc.
• Phone charger
• Hair elastics or bobby pins to keep hair out of your face and eyes
• Lip balm for dry lips
• Glasses and case /contact lenses with case if you wear them
• Comfortable clothes: bathrobe, night gown, slippers or socks (for after delivery) or whatever will be comfortable
• Nursing bra or supportive bra and nursing pads
• Maternity underwear
• Sanitary napkins although these will be provided in hospital
• Comfortable outfit to wear home (nothing tight fitting)
• Any personal items you may want in your room to make you comfortable, i.e. personal pillow (bring non-white pillowcase so it doesn’t get mixed with hospital linen), photo, etc.
• Favorite/healthy snacks for after delivery
• Books or magazines, deck of cards
• Leave jewelry and valuables at home
• Sleepwear and personal items for husband/significant other

For baby:

• Pacifier if you choose to use one, hospital does not provide pacifiers
• Car seat for baby to go home
• Baby comb/brush
• Going home outfit (wash ahead of time with mild detergent)
• Baby blanket for going home and warm clothes if winter
• Outfit for pictures if you choose to purchase
• Diapers if you have a special preference, otherwise will be provided by hospital
• Socks or booties
• Cap otherwise one will be provided by hospital
• Baby book


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