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Prenatal Classes

Prenatal and infant care classes are among the best ways to prepare when you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. The Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center offers a full range of programs to help you be happy, healthy, and ready for labor and the care of your newborn. These programs are open to all pregnant and new moms and a spouse or support person, regardless of where you plan to deliver your baby.

We recommend that you register for programs by the fifth month of pregnancy and attend by the seventh month of pregnancy.

Childbirth Prep

Understand the process of labor, birthing techniques, comfort measures, and ways that coaches can support laboring mothers. Saturday classes run for one session and include maternity tours. Monday dates include two class sessions, and a free maternity tour can be arranged separately.
$145 per couple

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Breastfeeding is a natural gift, but it doesn’t always come easy. Join this class to learn the many techniques to get nursing off to a good start and handle the typical early challenges. Bringing a support person can enable you to work together toward successfully breastfeeding your baby.
$45 per couple

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Infant Care

This class is for expectant parents, grandparents,
and caregivers to learn or refresh knowledge on caring for a newborn. Learn up-to-date information about bathing, diapering, feeding, cord and circumcision care, illness, safety, and much more. One- or two-day sessions are available.
$65 per couple

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Breastfeeding and Infant Care

This class helps parents and caregivers learn infant care and how to breastfeed in one day by combining our breastfeeding and infant care programs. If you would like to only attend the breastfeeding or infant care portion of this combination class because that date works best, you can call us.
$110 per couple

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Expectant Grandparents

This program provides current information about how grandparents can contribute to the wellbeing of the baby and become a strong support system for new parents.
$15 per person

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CPR for Family and Friends

Parents-to-be, new parents, and family members are encouraged to attend. Learn CPR and how to help a choking victim (all ages). This is a non-certification training program.
$40 per person/$65 per couple

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Mom and Baby Support Group

Babies are welcome! Come to discuss your new mom concerns, share your experiences with other moms, and ask any questions you may have about breastfeeding, infant feeding, sleep deprivation, baby blues, returning to work, and other topics. This open discussion group is facilitated by a board-certified lactation consultant.
Every Friday, 11 am to 12 pm
No registration is needed

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Our GYNs and OBs work to establish trusting, long-lasting relationships to grow with you and your family.

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